Custom Plastic Extrusions

Dongguan Shangyu Plastic Hardware Products Co. has years of experience in producing quality extruded plastic products and are dedicated to providing customers with manufacturing precision and product integrity in every plastic extrusion we produce. Our main products are plastic extrusion profiles and decoration panels, including plastic strips, plastic channels, plastic tubings, plastic panels and other plastic profiles. Our plastic products are made of environment-friendly, healthy and safe PVC materials, which are widely used in home decoration, construction materials, toys, mechanical equipment, outdoor construction, automobile and other fields.

Why Choose us?
Cost saving:
Our plastic products are directly produced with PVC powder, which saves a processing link compared with producing with particles that are made of PVC powder.
Quality advantage:
Traditional plastic profiles are made of PVC particles and produced by single-screw extruder, while our products made of PVC powder and produced by double-screw extruder have better plasticization and quality. We can add different additives to prepare different PVC powder according to the different needs of customers. For example: We will produce high weather resistance PVC powder for customers to use outdoor, and providing powder with high impact resistance for places with high impact resistance. The color also can be adjusted according to the demands.
Mold design:
Our highly skilled engineers have a great deal of experience with complicated designs, can develop moles according to the customer requirements.
Finishing materials:
The cost of PVC decoration material is low, similar to that of ordinary decoration materials, but can realize a luxury decoration style. PVC wooden panel, PVC marble panel and PVC wall paper panel are provided as our PVC panels.
Our company is in Dong guan in Guang dong provice, near Shen zhen, Hu men, and Guangdong, is ideal for shipping and handling.
Productivity advantage:
We can meet the production of 300 tons of plastic products monthly, with short supply cycle and stable supply.

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